Monday, September 3, 2012

Seriously? Koumpounophobia

Who knew? What is it? BUTTON PHOBIA!
The phobia, which often starts in childhood, can range from a mild phobia to an extreme fear, where the sufferer can have severe panic attacks and in some cases, also throw up. Sufferers have reported a range of different fears, which include everything from: being disgusted by the sight of them and wash their skin when it comes into contact with a button; the fear that a a button may ‘become loose’; the noise that buttons make; the inability to make contact with others wearing buttons; the need to choose clothes for their children that use zips, metal fasteners, elastic or velcro; and some sufferers can’t say, write, or type the word ‘buttons’. Male sufferers often find it difficult working in an office, because they don’t like to wear standard office clothing – they may be afraid of breathing-in near a button, in case they inhale one.

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